Welcome to the IDEA Works FW application! We are now accepting applications for incubation members. We have one spot opening soon. We look forward to learning about your business and connecting with you soon. After receiving and reviewing your full application we will follow up with next steps which can include a one-on-one interview with our Director or a panel interview with our application committee.  

About IDEA Works FW:

IDEA Works FW™ is a creative, dynamic program that provides emerging businesses with nurturing relationships, state of the art tools, an attractive and secure work environment, best practices and access to global resources to sustain and scale their enterprises.

Businesses owners in the program benefit from being in a collaborative environment and a creative, dynamic space that provides the owner with a just-in-time approach to delivering specialty services to their business.

Contact us at info@ideaworksfw.org with any questions. Thank you!

IDEA Works FW Event and Conference Rooms are available for rental to those working with and providing opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners.

IDEA Works FW Clients always have priority over community and partners in rental of our shared spaces.


-       Contact IDEA Works Community Resource Manager* to agree on use of the facility for type and size of event.

-       Schedule event and check availability: agree on dates and times

-       Review the Event Checklist for the items appropriate for your planned event: number of attendees, arrival time of catering, equipment needed.

-       Optional: Do a walk-through with the IDEA Works FW staff


Event Room, Suite 202

Available amenities:

10 tables, 35 chairs, dry erase board, drop down screen, projector, and storage cabinet

For-profit organizations: $30 per hour*

Non-profit organizations: $25 per hour*

*An additional one-time fee of $50 will be charged for weekend reservations.


Conference Room, Suite 124

Available Amenities:

Conference table for 8 people w/ center power, projector, dry-erase board and storage cabinets

All organizations: $20 per hour*

*An additional one-time fee of $50 will be charged for weekend reservations.